Tigerfish is a type of fish which is found in Zambezi. Tigerfish is the common name for variety of species in this category. Due to its hunting style and entire different characters from other type fishes makes this fish to commonly name as tigerfish. Tigerfish fish will move like a torpedo and fight like a jet. That’s why this fish known by name ‘tigerfish’. Its external body anatomy enables this fish to move in a high velocity. One another interesting fact is about its teeth. Tigerfish’s teeth are like a sooth wave. Cut anything! That means its teeth are interlocking when they eat their prey. In simple terms, it’s like a lock and key fashion. Goliath tigerfish and southern African tigerfish are the most world renowned tigerfish. The aggressive hunting tactic makes tigerfish a distinct one. The razor like teeth makes them more dangerous and even attack large animals.